Our IRB recently notified us: “to protect the privacy interests of the subjects and the confidentiality of the data, the UMMS IRB does require that the data use agreement be signed by someone authorized by the receiving institution to enter into the agreement. This may be a privacy officer, legal counsel, a representative of the technology management office, etc. The signature of the receiving PI is insufficient.”

Could you please re-sign page 6 on the data-sharing agreement and return it to me? There should be 2 signatures: group leader’s signature on the top, and institution authorized person on the bottom corresponding to our privacy officer. Please see attachment for the agreement template.

Our previous message stated we could not transmit any data until we receive your IRB approval letter to receive our data. However, we understand many region’s IRB treat activities with de-identified data as non-human subject research. If this is your case, could you please provide a statement in pdf format stating you’ve verified with your institution that your IRB does not require approval to use our de-identified data?

The statement should have date, signature from your team organizer, and your institution’s official letter head. We are only allowed to transmit data after receiving either your IRB approval or your statement of no IRB required.

Due to the change in agreement signature requirement, we will postpone the initial data release date to Nov, 15, 2017. Please make sure to send us your re-signed agreement and IRB approval letter (or statement of no IRB required) to avoid delays in receiving the data.

Requests for data release should be submitted through the UMass Medical School OCR portal here if you are part of the UMass system. Otherwise, please fill out the Contact us form in order for us to submit a data use agreement request for you.